Elephants of Victoria Falls

BACK 12-04-2019

                Elephants of Victoria Falls


Ever imagined an elephant on your doorstep? Crazy but true. Visit the Victoria Falls town this year home to one of the seven wonders of the World ‘The Victoria Falls’. It’s not only the amazing waterfall you get to experience, there is a lot more surprises you can ever imagine.

Zimbabwe’s Zambezi National Park lies on the southern banks of the Zambezi River, just before it tumbles over the magnificent Victoria Falls. On the northern bank, in Zambia, lies the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.


Each year, around April or May, the Mosi-oa Tunya National Park starts to receive an influx of elephants. Numbers peak in August, before they seemingly disappear again before the rains come again in November. The migration coincides well with the dropping water levels of the River as the dry season takes hold, clearly suggesting the elephants are crossing from Zimbabwe to Zambia – using the many islands close to the Falls as stepping stones. It tends to be the larger males that arrive first, and this makes sense as the breeding herds, with their young calves, will likely have to wait for the River flow to subside a little more before they can safely swim across.


The area surrounding the Victoria Falls supports many species of mammals, large and small, and they regularly find their way into the areas surrounding the town and its developments, notably along the Zambezi Drive and Big Tree area, and between the Victoria Falls Hotel and Bridge.

The abundance of wildlife in this region will blow your mind. It’s not every day that you get blocked by an elephant or a buffalo when driving around in the streets or let alone the sight of hippos and warthogs on hotel grounds as you enjoy your drink or meal but in Victoria Falls town you get this and more every other day. Amazing. The local people here over years have lived harmoniously with the wild animals of course with a few casualties on either side.

As you plan your holiday to this small town of Victoria Falls right at the centre of the wilderness prepare yourself for the unthinkable welcome by the wildlife in this region. Always be warned these are not tamed animals they are indeed wild animals. Like the local people the natural call would be also to integrate and live in harmony with nature.


Above all we at Zambezi Africa Tours have taken an initiative to support Conservation of wildlife on a broader sense in partnership with Environmental buddies Zimbabwe. Visit [] we continue to play a leading role in canvassing for support for the good cause of caring for the environment and recreating forests as inhabitants for wildlife through planting trees in the region. Without Forests there can never be wildlife left in the coming 50 years. It is our view that the time to act is now if the next generation would enjoy nature and wildlife not only in Victoria Falls but all over Africa.