Escape to Kariba


Escape To Kariba

Kariba lies in the Zambezi valley of the Zambezi river. Its on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its easily accessible by both road and air. Kariba is reach in wildlife due to the lake and the dam that draws hundreds of wildlife. The lake is one of the largest man-made in the World with a holding capacity of 185 cubic kilometres of water. The dam forms part of the Lake which stretches for 280 km and widdest part of being 40km. The shear amount of water in the this region of the Kariba basin is significant for water activities in the hot and dry summer of Southern Africa.The quiet and tranquility of the lake makes it a peaceful escape for a family holiday in the midst of wildlife and nature.

Tour Highlights

  • Lusaka City Tour
  • The Kariba bridge Tour
  • Kariba Tour
  • Game viewing from the houseboat
  • Walking safari in Mana Pools national park
  • Game drive in Mana Pools

Detailed Itinerary


The day starts off with the meet and great at Wanderers Hostel and Campsite. Your Guide for the Tour will give you the overview of the Tour and all necessary things you may need for the week. After the briefing you proceed to the City Tour of Lusaka and the key Heritage sites of Zambia's History formally a British colony known then as Northern Rhodesia. Zambia attaiend independence in 1963. After the City Tour and probably lunch at one of the malls in central town you then drive down to Kariba. It's a distance of 190 km and along the 3 hour drive you get to see the landscape of Zambia and the rural setup of this country of 18 million people. At the border you go through the normal border checks out of Zambia and into Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe you proceed to your accommodation at Mosi campsite on the banks of the lake Kariba. As you set up your tents dinner will be prepared and served thereafter.

  • Destination: Lusaka
  • Activity: Lusaka City Tour
  • Accomodation: Kariba Safari lodge
  • Meals Plan: Dinner


A night on the banks of the Lake is just exciting. The hippos are always very close here and at times comes of the water for grazing in the campsite. In the morning after a nice and easy breakfast we pack up our bags as we start our day. Kariba Town is quite small but has very interesting landscape of the Kariba Basin. Its a mountanous place with spectacular views of the lake surrounding the mountains. Its growth was influenced by the construction of the Dam back in 1956 and has since attracted many locals from either side of the lake, Zimbabweans and Zambiians alike to settle and serve the mostly touristic community. Houseboat, speed boats, fishing and a lot more of are common activities here with lodges and campsites for accommodation. Wildlife is so rife in Kariba with herds of elephants coming to residential areas. Lions are sometimes heard roaring in nearby places too. Crocodiles infest the Lake and it's not advisable to get into the waters unless with local Guides. Today is the Tour of the Kariba Town, through Kariba heights, Nyamhunga Township and the Dam before we get on to our houseboat for the Lake later in the afternoon.You will have lunch at Kariba heights enjoying the panoramic view of the Lake and the Mutusadonha hills across the Lake Kariba. We set sail on a Houseboat in the afternoon exploring the Lake for the next 2 days. After sunset in the Lake dinner is served and we can enjoy the view of the Southern Hemisphere skies from the lake.

  • Destination: Kariba
  • Activity: Kariba Town Tour
  • Accomodation: Houseboat
  • Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


You spend the night on the houseboat and you have the opportunity to catch the awesome sunrise of Africa. After breakfast we proceed sail on the boat. The Lake is an amazing 280 kilometres length and its widest part being 40kms. The Lake is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia and as we sail we can actually be on either territory. A few kilometres down the Lake from Kariba we sail past Matusadonha national park, one of the biggest national parks in Zimbabwe. It is famous for the black rhino tracking which you will do during the day. Game viewing as you sail in the boat is just as breathtaking as the diverse wildlife comes to the lake to cool down the heat of the sun. Elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, lions, leopards, elands and many other antelopes are common of course crocodiles and hippos. You will have the visit some of the Islands here on the lake and have fun on the beach. All meals are served from the houseboat. What a day of fun in this enormous Lake.

  • Destination: Lake Kariba
  • Activity: Boat cruise Game viewing Rhino Tracking in Matusadonha national park
  • Accomodation: Houseboat
  • Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


You still enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Lake as we sail back to Kariba Town. Another day of Game viewing from the Lake. For fishing enthuasts its your day to try your luck for the famous Tiger fish in the Lake but just be careful it is a very aggressive fish. Later before sunset you should be back at campsite in Kariba Town. Breakfast and lunch are served on sail while lunch will be at the campsite.

  • Destination: Lake Kariba
  • Activity: Boat cruise, Fishing
  • Accomodation: Kariba Safari lodges
  • Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Mana Pools national park is one of Zimbawe's World Heritage Sites. Situated in the Northern most part of Zimbabwe in the Lower Zambezi, Mana pools is a unique and arguably the best safari destination in Africa. The floodplains, baobab trees and forests and surrounding mountains makes it remarkably beautiful. The campsites are not fenced and sometimes elephants roam the surroundings without posing any danger. The short bushes and shrubs makes it even clearer to see wildlife in a distance. Game drives and walking safaris are exceptionally good in the park. After breakfast in Kariba you drive for 2 hours to Mana pools which is just 150 kilomtres away. The day is all set aside for Game drive in 4x4 safari vehicles. A chance to explore this unique concervation and national park. After the game drive you enjoy sunset as you set camp at one of the campsites in the national park.

  • Destination: Mana Pools
  • Activity: Game drive
  • Accomodation: Nyamepi campsite or similar
  • Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


In the morning before sunrise you have a cup of coffee before you embark on morning walking safari. Depending on the season the walking safari starts as early as 06h00 for about 3 hours. Your guide will take you in to the real bush to track animals and be able to be in the same space with the wild. You should back at campsite just after 09h00. Time to have breakfast and relax as you prepare to go an afternoon canoeing safari to view game again from the Zambezi river but this time at a much closer distance. For the rest of day you will be paddling along the Zambezi past pods of hippos. Birding lovers today will have much more birds to watch from goliath herons, egyptian and spurwing geese, cormorants, stocks and a lot more colourful ones like the bee eaters and kingfishers. At sunset we return to campsite for another night again in the midst of the jungle.

  • Destination: Mana Pools
  • Activity: walking safaris, Canoeing safaris
  • Accomodation: Nyamepi campsite or similar
  • Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Its the last day of an amazing venture today. After breakfast we depart the outstanding Mana Pools as we drive to the Chirundu the border post between Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Northern end. After the usual border procedure we head to lusaka. The drive will be almost 3 hours with stops along the way should you want to appreciate local artists showcasing their talent along the highway. We arrive in Lusaka shorlty after 15h00 and its time to say goodbyes.

  • Destination: Lusaka
  • Activity: Traveling to Lusaka
  • Accomodation: ------
  • Meals Plan: Breakfast




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