Africa Day celebration

BACK 25-05-2019

Today being Africa Day, we celebrated the day at Mpisi village outside Victoria Falls. The local Chief Mpisi had so much to share with the guests from the USA on the norms and values of the African traditions.

After a warm welcome with the guests we sat down in the shade made of stone wall and thatch roof. locals. The other side of the shade was displayed with local work from the villages for sale from wood carvings, to beards and more art.

Without wasting time, the chief Mpisi took to his lecture beginning with his name ‘Mpisi’ which means the spotted hyena. He without any doubt cherished the spotted hyena in so many ways from its laughter to eating poison and how it hides its sexuality.

Further he delved more into his totem Ndlovu which means Elephant. Totems are family names in African tribes and members of the same totem do not marry each other nor do they eat the animal that represent their totem.

Local governance was clearly explained from the role of individuals to the chiefs and headmen before moving on to the central government which is the state.

Guests were given time to ask questions for clarity on the various topics discussed. After the question and answer session we had a tour of Mpisi’s homestead which represents typically the model African home. It was Africa Day indeed with a difference and very informative too.