The Victoria Falls Sunset Cruise

BACK 11-06-2019

                                THE SUNSET CRUISE


I was  expecting the Sunset Cruise to be incredible and yes it was incredible. By 15h20 I was anxiously waiting for my pickup vehicle at Shearwater Caffe. I checked my ID and my phone of course with my gimbal for photo shooting. Exactly 15h30 my taxi arrived, picked me and another family of four heading also for the Sunset Cruise. The family had come all the way from Harare the capital City of Zimbabwe. On our way to the jetty which is 6km away from town we passed through Elephant Hills Hotel where 5 other guests would be picked also. We had to stop for a good five mins which to me was long enough considering the precious moments awaiting.


We arrived at the Jetty at 15h53 and the check in had already started. Ours was the last to arrive. I got a wet sanitary towel to wipe my hands as I entered the boat. I looked around for a vacant seat as it appeared the Boat was already to capacity. I got one, made myself comfortable and set my phone on the gimbal ready to test the shooting.

There was welcome drinks offered on the cruise both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I looked around the boat and was amused by the piece of art and luxury seats. There are two bathrooms one on the top deck and the other on the ground floor. I realised the first Aid kit also on board.



The bartender named Munya was the first to welcome us on board introducing his fellow mates and the Captain. Surprisingly the captain’s name is Mr Incredible, how so I don’t know. Incredible welcomed us all onboard and pointed out on the facilities and service we could have on the cruise. For many onboard the wi-fi received a huge applause, for me I just wanted to enjoy without the outside interference. And we were ready to rock and roll.



                                            The Zambezi River

The Zambezi River according to captain Incredible is the fourth biggest river in Africa after the Nile, the Niger and the Congo river. Its source is in the Ikelenge District, North-Western Province of Zambia and its river mouth in the Indian ocean in Mozambique in Zambezia Province and Sofala Province. It spans for a distance of 2,574km (1,600mi) from Zambia close to the Angola border as a spring at its source. It flows through five counties namely Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. From where we are at Victoria Falls there are two islands on the river; the Kalunda Island and the Long River or Luando and the river divides into 3 channels. The 3 channels would converge just at the waterfalls as water drops into the Batoka gorge 6km away from where we are.


                                                                    Game drive

On the Island there are waterbucks, hippos, crocodiles, elephants and a lot more wildlife. Lots of birds also.


As we pulled off from the mainland, at exactly 16h07, it was all the feeling I had wanted for all my life just to be in the water and what a feeling more so on this special Cruise captained by Mr incredible.
We sailed at a speed of 2 knots upstream and just as he had said we came across a school of hippos having fun and as if to welcome us to the river kept on popping up their heads and tiny ears out of the water. It was good to learn that hippos actually are grazers and could walk up to 20km away from the river in search of food. They are also very territorial in nature and easily attack an animals and humans they feel are a threat to its territory.

While we were still gazing and enjoying the hippos captain Incredible spotted elephants on the other side of the river the Zimbabwean side. We took off towards the elephants a we approached closer more and more ellis just kept coming off the thick forest to the river and a huge herd numbering to more than 30 ellis were right in front us. Some swimming others drinking yet others were just chasing each other as just to impress the visitors on water.

A few young bulls for some reasons found it funny to extend their male organs all the way to touch the ground and you could be forgiven for counting the number of legs as 5, but nope it was just a temporary leg anyway. As the sun goes down at exactly 17H47 there we had two magnificent sights happening, the herd of ellis on the shore and the Sunset on the western horizon, all at the same time. This is what I call Tourism.