Bungee Jumping


Victoria Falls Bridge Activities

The Victoria Falls Bridge is the link between Zambia and Zimbabwe, 2 Southern African countries.The bridge spun for about 200m and overlooks the last part of the Victoria Falls just a few metres away on the Batoka Gorge. It stands 128 metres above the Zambezi river base below.In high water-level on the Zambezi river sprays of showers from the thundering waterfalls are common on the bridge. It is a foot-bridge, a road and rail-bridge.

The construction of the bridge was completed on 12 September 1905, after just 14 months of works.The initial construction was done by Cleveland bridge and Engineering Company in England.It was shipped to Port of Beira in Mozambique before being railed to Victoria Falls.

Today the bridge is the center of Tourist Activities for visitors to the Southern Africa region. For adrenaline junkies its the place to be!!!!

Bungee Jumping

US$150 per person

A free fall of 111 metres in 4 secs! That's absolutely breath-taking and the rush of heart-beat almost to a halt as you swing just above the water in a sigh of relief.

Bridge Swing

US$150 per person/US$230 Tandem

It's a 70 metre free fall, almost as funny as the bungee. You can even do it together with a partner for a Tandem Bridge Swing.

Bridge Slide

US$40 per person/US$60 Tandem

For this less adrenaline experience, this Zipline will take you from Zambia to Zimbabwe; the only Zipline in the World that cuts across country borders. Even more exciting you can do it with a friend on Tandem and share the experience!!!!

Big Combo


The best will be to do all the bridge experience i.e Bungee Jumping, Bridge Swing and Zipline or flying Fox and save US$165



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