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                                                                          Victoria Falls Activities.

Victoria Falls activities includes this White-Water Rafting experience like never seen before.

It's the wildest one-day white-water rafting trip in the world! Better still, multi-day expeditions are run down the Batoka Gorge.

Acclaimed as the "wildest one-day white-water run in the World" and recognised by rafting enthusiasts as one of the top ten paddling rivers on the planet! If you don't immediately associate the terms "Stairway to Heaven" and "Oblivion" with adventure, then you haven't experienced Victoria Falls Activities.

Go on a one-day Zambezi white-water trip or for best value and the best kick: join us on a multi-day rafting expedition through the Batoka Gorge.

No previous experience is required, and you don't need to be a proficient swimmer. At the beginning and at the end of any of the raft trips, you'll need to negotiate a steep path out of the gorge. The walk out is 750 vertical feet up a gradient of 1 in 3. A person of average fitness can manage this in about 20 minutes.

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