About us

Tour Guides

We have a team of experienced and qualified Tour Guides who have travelled the region over the years. Their knowledge and expertise on geographical aspects of the region is amazing. There stories of Africa are interesting with also a good sense of humour. We understand the diversity in culture with our clients and always thrive to give the best we can. We derive our pride in working closely with other local Guides within the countries we operate.

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles fall in three categories as defined by the usability and the size of the group as explained below:

The Toyota Regius or Mercedes-Benz Vito

These two types of vehicles are the ones we use of groups of up to 7 passengers. They would usually pull a trailer for the luggage and equipment necessary for use during the tour. Most of the roads are paved but these vehicles are good to drive on gravel roads usually in Namib desert and other locations. It's features include:

  • 7-seater vehicles
  • charging ports
  • Forward facing seats
  • Air conditioning

For small groups

The Toyota Regius

Overland Bus/Truck

These are meant for groups of up to 15 people. The trucks have been customized to carry passengers as well as bags and all the equipment necessary for use during the tour.The vehicle features include:
  • 10 - 15 seater vehicle
  • Onboard fridge
  • Charging ports
  • PA system
  • Radio
  • Forward facing seats

Customized Trucks

The overland Trucks

The 4x4 safari vehicles

The third set of vehicles are the 4x4 vehicles that are used for Game drives and for desert terrain where ordinary vehicles would not be able to navigate. For Game viewing in our national parks we have the canvas sides open so as to capture the best view for everyone. The features are:

  • 8 seater
  • Open sides and canvas roof
  • All window seats
  • Mineral water
  • Cooler-Box onboard

4x4 Open Vehicles

Game viewing Trucks

Booking with us

As Tour Guides working with travellers over the years we have realised that the traditional way of traveling offered by big companies in the industry was not sustainable to a huge number of travellers. Regardless of our expertise then we could not divert from set tours inorder to meet the expectations of many tourists and we realise it was not fair for the image of Africa. We understand deeply the differences in the range of expectations of people on holidays and for some it could be a once off chance to travel to Africa. We value that and we intend to uphold that important decision you made to visit us.

Our Home is Africa

We are based in Victoria Falls, the landmark that is central to Eastern Africa and Southern Africa travellers. We were born and bred in Africa and understand our different ways of welcoming visitors in the multi-cultural region of SADC.

Tailor-made safaris

Based on our many years of experience, safari stands out to be one of the main reasons why tourists visit Southern Africa. Tours that are programmed have very little chance of being changed regardless of the events at different stages of the tour. On our Tailor-made tours we give the opportunity to decide how you want to spend your time and to pursue your your priorities according to you time. In this regard we personalise your tour; plan with you and execute the tour with you!!!

Small groups

Our small group tours only requires a confirmation of 5 people. That makes it easy for travellers to travel with their loved ones or to simple meet up with new people. Upon confirmation, tours will depart on an agreed time and schedule confirmed by all participates. Small groups are way more interesting and easy to alter the schedules if it's all agreed that there is need to.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our team of Guides will make sure they give you much information as you require. Our Operations are different from big companies with so much overheads to pay for there running costs. That means we aim to give the lowest workable running costing of the tours as much as possible while trying to meet your expectations. We will be very transparent in communicating exactly what we can do for you.

Carbon Footprints

We understand that in traveling we use flights and vehicles all of which uses fossil fuels.(not so great for our environment!). However with us Zambezi Africa Tours have partnered with local non-governmental organisations which focus on Environmental protection. We have in previous years of our operations planted close to 15 000 indigenous trees in partnership with Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe, Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe Trust, local Victoria Falls communities and students.

Community Development

Outside of our daily routine we take time to help local communities that we outside of towns and big cities. We believe when we empower learners and teachers we help change the future generations of leaders in society. We have partnered with Monde Primary School and Sizinda Secondary school in Hwange West District of Zimbabwe, to uplift the standard of learning through provision of reliable solar systems to power the schools. We have donated books and stationery through networking with tourists who shared the same vision with us.

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