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My Journey in Namibia

As I drove through the Nooldrift border after the Orange river, the dry and warm air of the desert already much felt even before I got my entry stamp in my passport. The slow system of the immigration and the forms each traveler had to fill in accurately gave way to a little conversation with people around me try to get everything correct and share our travel plans.

Travelling to Africa

When travelling to Africa for safari, here is list of things you may need to remember

Tour Information

This gives you an guideline of how we run Tours by ZAT. More information will be accessible and made available to you on Tours and activities that you would wish to take part in. Make sure before you book any activities and/or Tours you fully understand and agree with the structure as explained.

Botswana the magical safari country

Botswana is a vast inland country sharing its borders with Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It covers an area of 581 730 sq km making one of the least densely populated countries in the world. The land is moistly flat and 70% of it covered by the Kalahari desert which stretches into the Namib Desert in the South-west parts of the country. In the North there is the Okavango delta with a buffer zone of 22 000 sq km, the biggest inland delta in Africa.

World Bee Day

But as we reflect on World bee Day today under the theme Save the Bees it is a call to conserve biodiversity. To environmentalists it is an opportunity to Improve Awareness of the invasive species which include bees and other pollinators. On EBZtrust page I shared important information about bees in the build up to this day.

Living in a bubble

What is it like living in a bubble? Well, for me I would say so far it has been compelling, the thought of apprehending yourself more nowadays with technology we no longer have the time to just sit and have a break from our devices and think through, find ourselves, that element has, of course, left the bulk of us.


Silence of the Cities

The biggest challenge of the lockdown was to find a routine and also things to do so you end up being bored. I had little to do at first as my plan was to travel for the 2 months but with travelling thrown out through the window another plan was needed.

Covid-19 and Tourism

The corona-virus pandemic continues to spread like veld fire throughout the world with little hope of easing in the foreseeable futur. AS the world watches and as everyone of us doing our utmost to be responsible how does the Tourism sector react in these hard times.

5 Things you didn't know about Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is arguably Africa's most prominent destination but how is life like in the small town. As the town grows we take a look at the community of Tourism and its engagement to industry.

Botswana Safari-The Delta Experience

The green vegetation right in the middle of the Kalahari Desert was just so amazing. Our flight flew so low as to identify the male and female impalas on the ground. 45 minutes of unbelievable nature and wildlife. Herds of buffalo, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, schools of hippos, kudus and hyenas all spread in this rich delta.

The Victoria Falls Bridge

The bridge was the brainchild of Cecil Rhodes, part of his grand and unfulfilled Cape to Cairo railway scheme, even though he never visited the falls and died before construction of the bridge began. Rhodes is recorded as instructing the engineers to "build the bridge across the Zambezi where the trains, as they pass, will catch the spray of the Falls".

Top 3 Adrenaline rush Activities

These top 3 adventure activities will make your tour to Victoria Falls a memorable one and leaving out one will make your holiday incomplete. As much as I was very nervous to take part in these activities ,the first time I visited Victoria Falls , I just could not leave Victoria Falls without a taste of them

Victoria Falls: when is the best time to visit.

Victoria Falls is an adventure destination that exists in the vibrant heart of Africa with sheer beauty and magic of nature. It is not only one of the seven natural wonders in the World but the Africa’s majestic treasure with the spectacular sight of the greatest curtain of falling water in the World.

Victoria Falls to Joburg

Victoria Falls what would you not put on your shopping cart? There is just so much activities to choose, white water rafting, the Devil’s pool on the Livingstone Island, the lion walk, the elephant encounter, the helicopter rides over Victoria Falls, horse back tours, bicycle tours and many more


Where else can you see a lunar rainbow or a moonbow, a product of the reflection of the moonlight through the water. Victoria Falls is one of the few sites in the World where you can see this unique type of a beautiful rainbow.

Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

Walking under the main deck of the Victoria Falls Bridge is one of my favourite places to go through out of all the seasons. It is when I get the chance to unique views of the falls, the constant roar of the waterfall as well as the impressive bridge itself. It is an optional physical under the Bridge tour, when you get a rare opportunity to walk on the catwalks used in the original construction of the bridge.

Zebra sighting at Zesco Livingstone

This was a very amazing moment to me as it was my first time in life to see zebras and more to that I thought wild animals are only seen in thick forests. I was so excited glancing at their distinctive white and black stripes which come in different patterns unique to each individual.

Econet Marathon 2019

The atmosphere around was thrilling and all what I saw were smiling happy faces ready to take on the race. The race was to start at exactly quarter past eight in the morning but surprisingly there were a lot of people who were at the starting point already.

The Victoria Falls Sunset Cruise

The Sunset cruise in Victoria Falls is unique in the sense that it combines game viewing on Africa's forth biggest river, the Zambezi River.

Africa Day celebration

Today being Africa Day, we celebrated the day at Mpisi village outside Victoria Falls. The local Chief Mpisi had so much to share with the guests from the USA on the norms and values of the African traditions.

London Heathrow Airport to Victoria Falls

The journey to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe from London Heathrow Airport has been made very simple by the Ethiopian Airways who now have a daily flight connecting the two cities.

Elephants of Victoria Falls

Ever imagined an elephant on your doorstep? Crazy but true. Visit the Victoria Falls town this year home to one of the seven wonders of the World ‘The Victoria Falls’. It’s not only the amazing waterfall you get to experience, there is a lot more surprises you can ever imagine.

Victoria falls a must visit

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